July 19, 2018

Did you know that diabetes could have a large impact on your vision?

Diabetes is a common metabolic condition, where the body cannot produce enough insulin to breakdown excessive sugars. With high sugar levels throughout the body, it can cause short and long-term changes within the eye. One of the earliest changes is fluctuation in vision, because diabetes will cause a change in the lens shape and lead to light being focused in the wrong areas within the eye. Long-term uncontrolled diabetes will also cause damage to the blood vessels within our body and eye, and bleeding and new vessel formation can be seen on the retina. Vision changes from diabetes can be reversible if caught and treated early. From a dilated eye exam, optometrists or ophthalmologists are able to evaluate the back of the eye and determine if any treatment is necessary. Severe diabetic changes in the retina can lead to further complications such as swelling and retinal detachments. If you have diabetes, schedule your annual eye exam today so we can monitor your vision!

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