January 15, 2019

Did you know flashes, floaters, or spots in your vision can be a medical emergency?

Floaters in the eye can present as clumps or string-like and can be light or dark in color. These spots are often more noticeable on a light colored background such as a white wall. These floaters are located in the vitreous, which is a gel like substance that fills the cavity of the eye. With normal aging, the vitreous will liquefy and become less gel like. This process can form particles which we see as floaters. Noticing one or two floaters is usually not a huge concern, however a shower of floaters accompanied with flashes is often a medical emergency and is recommended that you take a trip to see your local eye doctor.

These symptoms can often suggest that the vitreous is pulling away from the retina, however on occasions if the pulling goes wrong, it can lead to a hole or a tear. When there is a break in the retina, fluid from the vitreous can go through the hole and cause retinal detachment. If you ever experience any flashes, floaters, or shadow in your vision immediately schedule an appointment see your eye doctor.

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